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The Browser Can Remember Edited Content

You can make the text inside any HTML element editable by adding the contenteditable attribute. Hey, I’m like a textarea kinda now! I wouldn’t say there are wheelbarrows full of use-cases for that, but it’s neat. One possible use might be an in-progress design in which editing the content from the design itself is useful […]

40 Best Modern Fonts Picked by Professional Designers

Finding a modern font is not always an easy job. Simply googling “modern fonts” doesn’t mean you will be given a font that meets your expectations. Why? Because fonts, like fashion, go through a rotating process. That means that many times vintage fonts are seen as modern fonts, and recently created fonts will eventually lose […]

Huawei is just the latest in a long line of setbacks for Google’s Android

It has been a tumultuous week for Huawei, to put it mildly. Last Thursday, the U.S. added the Chinese tech titan to a trade blacklist as part of a growing effort to “secure the information and communications technology and services supply chain,” as President Trump’s Executive Order put it. While this naturally prevents any U.S. […]

The Power of Professional Photos – 5 Ways They Can Elevate Brand Image

Photos, like images in general, can play a crucial role in marketing – anyone with at least a bit of knowledge of visual content will tell you that. Photos make it possible for potential customers to focus on your brand. What is more, they come in handy to show its background, encouraging and fostering greater […]

Sony Mobile dropping more regions, shares plans for next year

While the rest of the mobile industry is talking about Google’s move to cut ties with Huawei and the top Chinese OEM’s future, here is Sony holding a corporate strategy day to present its many plans for the company. Sony’s medium-term plans for Fiscal Year 2020 (FY 2020) have been detailed. The state of the […]

Fake News Storm Hits Millions in India During Polls

Veena Arora, a retired school principal in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, decided to use a smartphone in November last year for the first time at the cajoling of her children so that the family could stay together online even though they live in different cities. In no time, she joined WhatsApp and started […]

7 golden rules of UX

When we think of UX, we tend to think usability, or at least we used to. However these days UX is a much broader church with many more aspects to consider than straightforward usability. Like web design tools, UX rules and best practices keep on evolving, and if you’ve been sticking to the same UX […]

Mapillary launches marketplace to expand coverage of its crowdsourced map images and data

Sweden’s Mapillary is creating a marketplace for street-level images and map data to serve users’ specific needs while making its core service more robust. Mapillary is a collaborative platform that crowdsources imagery from users who download its app and take street-level pictures with their smartphones. These are then shared to Mapillary’s system, where its computer […]

How to Make Sure You Do Great SEO For Your Company

Search engine optimization is very important in the management of a business website for it not only enables search engine’s spiders to find it, but also rank its relevance so that it can appear on the first pages of se arch engine results. However, the process of optimizing a website is a long one and […]

Adobe Premiere Rush now available for select Android devices

A lot of the video editing that we do these days, whether it’s for your personal blog or for work reasons or even just for fun, aren’t done on desktops or computers. Even though it may be limited, we want to do it on our smartphones while we’re on the go. Adobe wants to get […]