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A 10-year journey is not too long, but we are proud that our dedication and efforts have been recognized along the way.

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Expertise is not a term that we at tech chat use lightly. Our company has over the last decades become

an industry leader in the services we provide.

About Us

We focus on building cohesive, intuitive and dynamic business solutions.

Since 2014 we at Tech-Chat have had the goal of providing innovative products and services to the market place. However with time and business experience, we have come to understand that innovation without sustainability is a pipe dream. This realisation has led us over the course of 10 years to partner with the leading research and development companies in information technology. One of our roles is to test, provide real world feedback and ultimately distribute products and services that are not only disruptive but also cost effective and sustainable.


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Our Services

Serving Clients in diversified industries across Southern Africa.

We understand that trust is is a very expensive commodity in business and we build on the trust that we have built to bring you and your business a suite of solutions that you can be confident will not disappoint. Leveraging on our global partnerships with the leading communications companies in the industry, our services wholistically cover the needs of any business in 21st century. Thoroughly tested by our experts and well maintained by a team of capable consultants our packages are customised to your specific business needs.


We assist SME’s establish and unmistakable brand starting from choosing industry colours, logo design and all the way to branding corporate gifts.

Graphics design

No business is complete without marketing. From starting a brand we can lead you through the process of designing publication, social media content and marketing campaigns which will put you in direct contact with your target market.

Web development

A website in this day and age is an integral part of credibility. Your website and apps are the primary means of interaction between you and your customers. This means that they need to be on point with the rest of your branding and publishing.

Cloud Hosting

Our lite speed cloud hosting services are more than capable of handling large traffic and also filter unwanted spam and security breaches. With weekly backups which insure minimal loss in the event of a security breach.

Custom Solutions

We create disruptive solutions that are thoroughly tested by our research and development department and well maintained by a team of capable consultants our packages are customized to your specific business needs.

VoIP and Communications

Now more than ever integrated communications have become a necessity for public facing businesses. We provide solutions that provide video and group calling at the lowest market rates.

What Our Clients Say

With over 15 years industry experience, Tech-Chat Solutions and its team are without doubt a

reliable and reputable solutions provider.

”The team at Tech Chat is dependable, professional and most importantly creative. Their problem solving skills have saved us thousands of Rands”

Markus Klaus


We have worked with the team at tech chat for over 3 years and are completely satisfied with the services they provide.
There is no going back to our previous service providers. We have made significant savings and the support is second to none.
I am very impressed with the service and we shall continue to build our business relationship for the future.


Below are some of the companies and organisations who have benefitted from our services.

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