10 Excellent WordPress Themes for 2024 – Web Design Ledger

10 Excellent WordPress Themes for 2024 – Web Design Ledger
10 Excellent WordPress Themes for 2024 – Web Design Ledger

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There is certainly no shortage of excellent WordPress themes you can select from to help you create an engaging and high performing website. Finding the best one for the job would most certainly be a challenge as there are literally thousands of great WordPress themes available plus you’ll have to define just what the makeup of the “best” would be like. Simply finding one you can rely on to help you create a website that will attract and engage new visitors to your site can be a problem in itself.

Since the one you pick will go a long way toward determining the look and feel of your site and would play an essential role in creating a source of information potential customers can feel they can rely on, one of our 10 top picks for the best WordPress themes should suit you quite nicely in that each brings a wealth of powerful website-building features to the table. 

  1. Be – The Fastest WordPress Theme Ever Built

One of the most consistent features of BeTheme is that it keeps getting better with each new release, with each new feature or set of features adding to its already well-established popularity. BeTheme has in effect become a total website management system thanks to a multiplicity of powerful core features that can be used for quickly building high performance websites of any type.

  • BeTheme’s 700+pre-built websites, a longtime user favorite, feature total customizability, responsiveness, and built-in UX functionality plus they enable users to get their projects off to a rapid start.
  • BeBuilder heads up an imposing collection of builders that include a Header Builder, a Footer Builder, a WooCommerce Builder, a Loop Builder, a Popup Builder, and a Sidebar Menu Builder. Thanks to BeBuilder, BeTheme can lay claim to being the fastest, most flexible, and most intuitive WordPress theme ever built.
  • BeBuilder’s Blocks mode features 80+ building blocks to work with together with selections of premade payouts and global theme options.
  • BeBuilder’s Developer mode improves workflow and takes users to the next level.
  • Other new BeTheme features include a Dynamic Data feature, a Conditional Logic tool that can determine if a content element or section can be rendered, a Single Post option, a Single Portfolio option, a Layer Navigator, and a Nested Wraps capability for managing more advanced layouts.

Click on the banner to check out each of BeTheme’s core website-building features. You’ll be impressed and glad you did.

  1. Pro Theme + Cornerstone Builder

Take Cornerstone, the most advanced builder in WordPress, pair it with Pro Theme, and what you get is the most powerful combo in WordPress. Cornerstone, with its app-like design and development capability is website building in the browser at its best and makes building websites fun, as it should be.

The Cornerstone Builder brings to the table the ability to build custom layouts and templates, stunning headers, content blocks, optimized workflows, glorious grids, and much more.

Cornerstone’s imposing family of builders include a Header Builder, a Footer Builder, a Layout Builder, and a Blog Builder.

  • Cornerstone’s Design Cloud asset is only a click away and features hundreds of ready-made templates, an ecosystem of premium plugins, and a collection of valuable courses that include Cornerstone Charts, Web Design Magic, Super Loopers, Gridorama, Modern Sliders, and others.
  • Headline technical features include Blank & Starter Stack, Theme Parameters, Components, and Elements, Conditional Logic, Native Web Effects, Native Sliders, Native Mega Menus, Font Awesome 6, Presets, Responsive Modals, Element API, and much more.
  • Cornerstone recently launched an External API feature that enables users to connect any 3rd party API to WordPress.

Click on the banner, visit the Pro + Cornerstone website and be prepared to be impressed with what you see. Reviews by satisfied users are included. 

  1. Total WordPress Theme

Whether you have a new website building project in mind or have decided it would be a good idea to spice up an existing one, having Total at your fingertips will help you do either to perfection. The Total WordPress theme is an ideal choice for developers, small business owners, and web designers of all skill levels.

Having the ability to create a website that does justice to your business is good. Having tools on hand that enable you to build it your way is even better. The Total WordPress theme guarantees both with its:

  • 50+ ready to use demos, 100+ site builder elements, 90+section templates, and hundreds of live customer settings plus the Slider Revolution plugin and an extended version of the WPBakery drag and drop page builder with its ready to use patterns, sample demos, and pre-styled cards.
  • seamless integration with WooCommerce for your shop-building projects.
  • boxed and full-width layout options, dynamic layouts, one-page sites, and advanced page settings.
  • RTL and translation ready code, retina images, a unique WPBakery Slim Mode to speed up your site, and five-star support.

Total is developer friendly with a full complement of action hooks, filters, custom snippets and more. Click on the banner to learn more about what Total could do for you.

  1. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Suggestion. Visit Uncode’s website and view its inspirational user-built website gallery that shows what its users have accomplished, as well as what Uncode could do for you.

This best-selling (110,000+ sales) creative and WooCommerce theme features include:

  • a remarkable selection of 95 demos or concepts, each of which is built around a specific purpose for creating agency, business, event, or portfolio websites and blog projects.
  • an impressive library of useful page layouts.
  • Uncode’s WooCommerce Builder for designing shop pages and pixel-perfect product listings.
  • the Uncode Wireframes plugin with its 550+ section templates you can work with to create landing your pages or build a complete website.
  1. Outgrid – Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme

The Outgrid Elementor Theme with its impressive range of 2,000+ blocks, 250+widgets, pages, and stunning interactions gives you everything you need to create an exceptional website that will stand out from the competition.

  • Outgrid’s Theme Options tool gives you total control over every aspect of your website’s static elements.
  • Outgrid’s UiCore Framework, Elementor’s free page builder, and Element Pack Pro plugins provide the theme’s core functionalities and amazing horsepower.
  • Outgrid’s Performance Manager helps you manage your website features, all in one panel, with no extra plugins.
  • Go global with Outgrid’s multilingual, translation, and RTL capabilities,

Outgrid also offers a White Label version. Simply add your logo, brand name, brand color, and disable theme features.

  1. Avada WordPress Theme – #1 Top Selling Theme of All Time

750,000+ first-time WordPress users and professional web designers (more than 24,000 of whom have submitted 5-star reviews) have discovered how Avada, the ultimate website builder and the #1 best-selling WordPress website building theme ever, makes it so fast and easy to create an amazing website.

  • Avada lets you customize anything and everything while its live visual drag and drop builder and huge selection of templates lets you build your website quickly.
  • The demo importer is a time saver. One click, and you’re ready to start customizing.
  • You can build everything from one-page business websites to thriving online marketplaces without ever having to write a single line of code.

Avada is responsive, optimized for speed, e-commerce enabled, and you’ll receive top-notch customer support.

  1. Woodmart – WordPress WooCommerce Theme for Any Kind of Store

Woodmart, the owner of a 4.95/5.0 average rating, offers an all-in-one solution for creating an attention-grabbing online store.

Visit the Woodmart WooCommerce theme website and go down its selection of 80+demos with their shop, business, corporate, fashion, electronics, and furniture themes. Chances are you’ll catch yourself trying to order something before remembering it’s only a demo.

Woodmart is simply demonstrating what an engaging website should look like.

  • The 80+ attractively laid out pre-made websites are inspirational and realistic.
  • Woodmart’s Shop and Product Page Elementor builders and design elements help you build an online store the way you want to.
  • The full AJAX filter and search features and Elementor custom checkout reduce order completion time and increase conversion rates.
  1. Blocksy – Premium WordPress Theme

The 100% eCommerce ready Blocksy WordPress theme is chock full of intuitive website building tools and aids that include –

  • Powerful advanced header and footer builders.
  • Gutenberg capabilities and the latest web technologies together with advanced WooCommerce integration with features calculated to maximize your conversion rates.
  • Blocksy’s Content Blocks module for inserting content anywhere you choose.
  • The mega menu extension for creating gorgeous dropdowns and layouts.
  • Support for custom post types and dynamic data.
  • local Google fonts that endure GDPR compliance.

Blocksy is compatible with Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder page builders. Blocksy also features a White Label module that allows users to emphasize their company brands for maximal trust and user engagement.

  1. XStore WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

Building an online store should be done with careful attention to detail but it does not have to become a tedious grind. You’ll need to have your own content (products, descriptions, etc.) at the ready, but the rest will be the easy part if you let the XStore WooCommerce theme do the work for you.

Design tools include 130+ ready to customize and launch shops, Single Product, Product Archive, Checkout Layout, and Cart Layout builders, and 15 Sales Booster features that include:

  • Fake live viewing as a sales boosting aide.
  • product variation swatches selection dropdown.
  • popup that shows site activity in real-time.
  • frequently bought together ads as customer aids
  • 360 Product Viewer
  • Express Checkout, and
  • sticky add to cart bar that allows customers to add products without leaving pages.
  1. Litho Elementor WordPress Theme

If a creative, multi-purpose Elementor WordPress theme is your cup of tea, Litho is right for you.

Litho is built with Elementor and can be used for any type of business niche like corporate, design agency, restaurant, travel, yoga, architect, fitness, interior, cafe, application and more, plus portfolio, blog, and eCommerce. Just add the WooCommerce plugin and you’re ready to go.

  • The popular Slider Revolution plugin is included along with 37+ ready home pages, 200+ creative elements, and 300+ page-building templates.
  • Litho is WooCommerce ready, multilingual WPML compatible, and features top loading speeds and healthy SEO results.
  • Litho provides its users with detailed online documentation and top-notch customer support.

Litho is ideal for novice and advanced users alike.


Site appearance is key with respect to how people will perceive your brand. It is therefore imperative that your online presence features a professional, visually appealing, and responsive design that helps you gain credibility, engage site visitors, and increase your conversion rates.

A WordPress theme can make this happen by giving you a fast, reliable, and efficient approach to website design by providing you with solutions that allow you to jumpstart your design efforts in minutes as opposed to the time it can take to create a layout from scratch.

Selecting the right WordPress theme is key if you want to present your content in an engaging, easy-to-digest, and functional manner. Now that you’ve checked out these 10 excellent WordPress themes, this might be the time to select one that suits you best and get on with building your site.

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