Get Loot or Die Tryin’ in Swag and Sorcery

When sending heroes out on a quest integral to the survival of the kingdom it’s vitally important they receive no support whatsoever.  No armor or weapons beyond the clothes on their back and a pointy stick, no discounts in the few shops selling supplies, nothing.  The very existence of everyone in the entire kingdom may be at stake but if you start giving handouts now, where will it end?  The latest evidence of the wisdom of this policy is the semi-idle RPG Swag and Sorcery, whose initial hero not only starts off all but naked but also has to build the necessary shops to supply the quest while also aiding the tradespeople crafting the supplies.  This ensures only the highest quality heroism rises up to defeat the evil threatening the land, completely avoiding even the slightest hint of royal favoritism.  Sure, the heroes are on a mission to retrieve the king’s favorite suit, with the defeat of evil being more a side effect than the main point of the adventure, but the principles of heroics will shine through no matter the quest.

Swag and Sorcery is an RPG-ish adventure where you send out up to three parties at once comprised of up to three members each and then watch as they automatically scavenge resources and fight monsters during their patrol.  Nothing comes for free, although completing mini-quests pays off nicely, so it takes a while for the single initial starting hero to turn into a well-equipped party of adventurers.  Money, wood, and metal are the basic building-blocks to upgrade the town, starting off with a smithy and getting more detailed from there.  What had been a peaceful village eventually turns into the supporting infrastructure necessary to provide spells, powerful weapons and armor, potions, various buffs, and even let your heroes have a relaxing day at the spa to get morale back up.  Or take part in a fashion show to increase the kingdom’s reputation.  Whatever works, really.

Swag and Sorcery was announced by Tiny Build a while back but as of today it’s got a release date of May 10.  If a two-day waiting period seems a bit much there’s a launch trailer below to help minimize the hours until arrival.

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