Chanel celebrates Mother’s Day by getting kids to draw some of their most iconic products

Things are different in America. Drinks come in cups bigger than the average toddler, ‘aluminium’ is pronounced ‘aloooomunum’ and Mother’s Day happens in May. What a weird place!

Mums up and down France also find themselves eating breakfast in bed before being presented with a bath bomb or two on May morning. Like the humble french fry, it’s a charming illustration of Franco-American friendship.

To illuminate that, swanky fashion house Chanel has decided to celebrate mothers from Baton Rouge to Brest, Nice to Nantucket, Providence to Paris. No, they aren’t doling out bottles of N° 5 to anyone who can prove they endured labour. More’s the pity. What they are doing however, is quite charming.

Digital Creative Director for Chanel Vincent Fichard tells It’s Nice That, “All parents here at Chanel have kids passing by the office, and quite often they end up re-drawing our classic beauty products,” and so the mega-brand has decided to launch a special Mother’s Day campaign featuring a selection of those aforementioned illustrations.

The delightfully messy drawings have appeared on billboards and will be splashed all over Chanel’s social media channels this weekend coming.

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