We catch up with Saiman Chow about his latest adventures in psychedelic animation


Since we last checked in with illustrator and animator Saiman Chow two years ago, he’s been quite the busy bee. Racking up some big jobs for Nike, Apple and Adult Swim, the expert in humorous, psychedelic scenes is stretching his legs into ever-more surreal pastures. As well as stylistic growth, for Saiman the past two years have spelled some other adventures into “being old as heck”. He’s switched from Mac to PC and set up some constructive boundaries to keep him on track with work. “For better or worse, staying focused has always been something I’ve wrestled with,” Saiman tells It’s Nice That. “This development has helped me gain more freedom to work independently and creatively, which has always been my goal… everything else is just icing on the cake.”

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