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PUBG Mobile is rolling out a Gameplay Management System

PUBG Mobile is rolling out a Gameplay Management System

PUBG Mobile has been in the crosshairs of parents and the other people on grounds of it being addictive and having a detrimental effect on players. There have also been numerous instances of people trying to halt it in its progress. PUBG Mobile has faced bans in schools, colleges, universities, and even states in India, along with some countries like Nepal, Iraq and China. Most of the institutions that banned the game complained that it affected the attention and was addictive for the people playing it. It has even been banned by the CRPF for its forces in India very recently.

And to fix this problem Tencent Games has come out with a whole new solution for PUBG Mobile which has in general been a fun game with some really interesting gameplay. Tencent Games is now rolling out the Gameplay Management System keeping in mind the digital wellbeing of its users, which will enable them to better manage the time they send playing the game and would even be notified when they have been playing the game for too long. This feature was accidentally released while it was still in its testing phase, and people already got to experience what it might be like to use this feature.

For now the Gameplay Management System is being rolled out to certain Asian and North African regions only. The countries that are included in these regions include India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Nepal, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. According to a GameSpot report, the feature will be rolled out globally soon. The new feature will probably need them or their guardians to accept the game advisory before playing the game. And long hours will prompt the user to stop playing the game as well.

“PUBG Mobile is committed to being a responsible interactive entertainment provider. With experts worldwide examining the impacts of technology and video games on players of all ages, our team wants to ensure our community is equipped to make informed choices when it comes to PUBG Mobile,” says Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Department, Tencent Games. “Today’s announcement is a proactive step in ensuring that hundreds of millions of players worldwide can continue to enjoy PUBG Mobile in a sustainable manner.”

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The devs will be taking user feedback they get from this system to improve and fine tune this new feature as well with time. The last time this game feature was accidentally released players were locked out if they played the game for more than six hours.

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