My Body Feels Amazing: Elevator Teeth uses words and images to conduct a dialogue with the self

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The enigmatic illustrator Elevator Teeth occupies Twitter under the description “creator of missing content” and in the location “internet void”, periodically posting fragments of cryptic text: “professional sunflower seed”, “live pond scumming”, “built to spit”, “16 pages of guts”, “my cousin told me I smelled like a church”, “yeah, I licked the drawing”, “my ceramic head”. Their illustrative style is reflective of their online identity, combining text and image to visualise the obscure interior landscape of the mind. Speaking of this interaction between the linguistic and the visual in their work, Elevator Teeth says: “For my work, words are of equal importance to images, as both can help guide you into a certain place, or create a certain feeling, or a kind of confusion. And I like to play with words, in the same way that I play with lines, shapes, and so on in the visual realm.”

Having published multiple Risograph zines, as well as making and selling prints, T-shirts, headwear, keyrings and patches based on their work, Elevator Teeth has created a new book with California-based art publishers, Tiny Splendor, entitled My Body Feels Amazing. The book, comprising of text, symbols and imagery, pans out like a series of disjointed episodes in a meandering thought process – a mind turned in on itself, following spiralling trails of logic. “These ideas complete themselves”, as one passage reads. Elevator Teeth tells us: “I began by writing out some of the text of the book as little fragments of poetry. I don’t like to start with a clear idea of a story or narrative. I like to work in the moment, in a stream of consciousness style, and see where the work takes itself. It’s less interesting for me to create work, especially a book, if I know the outcome.”

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