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University of the Arts London dispels the myths around studying a postgraduate course

A postgraduate course could be the opportunity to develop a new skillset

An undergraduate degree, particularly in the arts, is an area of exploration for a creative. In turn, it’s very common, and valid, for students to be introduced to a new vertical of creativity during this time and want to study a different subject at postgraduate level.

While it isn’t always guaranteed, UAL do offer the opportunity to switch subjects at a postgraduate level, dependent on the course you’re considering undertaking. For instance, a subject such as architecture may require previous experience, whereas a bachelor’s course like fine art might prepare a student for MA photography, as long as you can show your skills in an application portfolio.

This is a more common process for those who have spent time in industry after studying and gained “professional experience that would allow them to qualify to study a different subject.” UAL offers “graduate diploma courses” to bridge any gaps for students who aren’t quite ready for a postgraduate level course.

UAL additionally offers a number of courses which merge practices, attracting students from creative and non-creative undergraduate degrees.

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