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Raid is a new publication that asks designers to imagine a game, and then design its logo

Raid is a new publication by Irish graphic designer and developer Simon Sweeney. Currently based in Munich though “leaving for somewhere else in July” (very mysterious), Raid is a unique magazine as it stemmed from the never-ending stream of potential ideas that is a Slack channel. Featuring a host of exciting designers, Raid asks its contributors to imagine a game, and then design its logo.

At some point, Simon – who is one half of Bong and It’s Okay – found himself in a Slack channel with who he describes as “some of the best designers in the world”. Dedicated to the discussion of games, Simon proposed a group project around the conversations they were having in order to find a way to work with everyone. The idea was “met with a bunch of enthusiasm and I just ran with it,” he tells us.

Thanks to its subject, Raid features a suitably low-fi yet nostalgic tech aesthetic; a solid black background is contrasted by a dark pink, in which all type and most of the imagery is set. (Did anyone else play those PC games that came free in cereal? It’s very that…) Featuring interviews as well as graphics, the majority of Raid stems from one brief Simon set all of the contributors. That original brief, he tells us, was:

“Raid is a group zine/publication thing that joins graphic design (bad) and video games (good). The idea is to ask a bunch of my fav designers (you) to come up with a game idea and then design the logo for that game. Then I’ll (me) put all the entries into a booklet and send it out to everyone who participated.”

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