Samsung Galaxy A70S may come with 64MP sensor

Samsung Galaxy A70S may come with 64MP sensor

Samsung has many new phones in store for mobile consumers. We’re guessing the South Korean tech giant will be more aggressive this time especially since Huawei is in hot water. Not that Samsung needs to work doubly hard these days, it’s just that Huawei is in a situation that will probably prevent it from beating Samsung as planned. But enough of Huawei. Let’s focus on the Samsung Galaxy A70S as it is said to be the first smartphone in the world that is equipped with a 64MP camera.

Nothing is final and official yet but the Galaxy A70S is tipped to have a very powerful camera. The Samsung Galaxy A70 was launched in March as the biggest from the series. The upcoming ‘S’ version will be an improved version with a more advanced camera system.

Samsung is believed to debut the Galaxy A70S on the second half of the year, perhaps just in time for summer. Not many people may be interested in upgrading the phone specs but more on knowing the camera is better than ever.

Phone cameras today aren’t as simple as before. Those from flagship phones are actually complicated and they can even beat other professionals DLSRs out there.

Samsung will be adding a super-high quality image sensor plus an ISOCELL Bright GW1. We’re assuming the sensor is the 64Mp ISOCELL Image Sensor that allows higher-res mobile cameras.

The 64MP sensor has the highest pixel so far among mobile image sensors. It won’t be ready on the Galaxy Note 10 but we’re looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy A70S.

With the 64MP ISOCELL sensor, there is a possibility Samsung will be able to take Sony’s place. The latter is still the best in the image sensor category. New camera technologies are being released left and right so we’re excited to know how the camera phone business will continue to advance with more innovations.

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