would you still buy a Huawei smartphone after this week’s news?

There’s no doubt that Huawei has been put through the ringer this week. After the US government placed the company on a ban list that disallowed the firm to trade with US companies, Google and possibly ARM are now cutting ties.

This has left Huawei without a confirmed OS and confirmed future for its chips beyond the 90 day grace period, and the chips beyond its Kirin 985.

Essentially, Huawei’s walking a very thin tight rope, and could fall at any minute.

With that said, the company’s devices still offer excellent value for money. It has promised that its current phones will offer users updates and support, while it also seemingly has plans for a backup OS should its Android dreams be completely shattered.

Still, with all that has happened in the past seven days, would you likely ever buy a Huawei smartphone again?

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Feature image: Huawei

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