The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 wouldn’t look too bad with vertical cameras

Previous leaks have hinted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could feature a vertical rear camera array, departing from the now customary horizontal arrangement we’re more used to.

That sounds pretty terrible, considering that most flagships now have their cameras top-down, rather than edge-to-edge.

But a new render by concept designer Ben Geskin suggests it might not be too bad.

Yeah, not bad at all.

Note the centre camera cutout in the screen too, which doesn’t look all that bad either. Gaskin also rendered a “stock” Note 10 with a single front camera.

While it’s not clear if Samsung will indeed move the camera cutouts to the centre, the Note 10 will likely be the first of the Note series to gain a camera cutout in any capacity.

Feature image: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its horizontal camera arrangement, by Samsung

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