A jail in Kerala is now selling Chicken Biriyani on Swiggy

Seeking to tap the hugely popular online food market, prison authorities in Kerala on Thursday began offering piping hot biriyani prepared by jail inmates. In the first phase, the plan is to sell biriyani combo online, priced at Rs 127. The combo, which was specifically designed for online sale, includes 300 grams of biriyani rice, one roasted chicken leg piece, three chappathis, a cupcake, salad, pickle, and one liter bottled water along with a plantain leaf to eat the food, authorities at the Viyyur central jail, where it is being prepared.

The prison authorities have tied up with Swiggy, online food delivery player, to deliver food from the Central Jail premises.
Freedom Food Factory, an enterprise selling food prepared by inmates at Kerala’s prisons, has been engaged in the business since 2011. “We are going online for the first time,” Superintendent of Viyyur Central Jail, Nirmalanandan Nair told PTI.

Going online and selling the food on Swiggy

“We started making and selling chappathis in 2011. It was the Viyyur Central jail which started making chappathis on a commercial scale. The idea of going online was proposed by jail DGP Rishiraj Singh,” he said. The jail food was a hit among people due to its quality and low price. “We have already been selling various biriyanis, non-vegetarian curries, bakery items and other from Viyyur jail. We also have counter sales. But now we have decided to go online and sell a biriyani combo initially,” he added.

Nair also said that the Freedom Food Factory will sell more items online after feedback as the new facility will start from July 11. “This does not mean that we are stopping the over-the-counter sale. As of now, Swiggy will deliver food within six km radius,” he said. At present, the jail sells around 25,000 chappathis, and over 500 biryanis a day.  About 100 inmates prepare this food under the supervision of the prison officials.

The state prison department is also considering a proposal to open portals of one of its central jails. The department is planning to make this portal for common people where they can spend a day and night to get the ‘feel’ of jail life. The ‘pay and stay’ initiative is also going to be a part of a unique prison museum. The department will build this museum in the premises of Viyyur Central prison in Thrissur district.

With inputs from PTI

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