Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatch adds a speaker, updated Snapdragon chipset

Watchmaker Fossil on Monday revealed its new “redesigned and revolutionised” Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch with “tech that’s audible, lasts longer and optimizes performance”.

The smartwatch now features a speaker so you can answer calls and access Google Assistant, a smart battery mode and 8GB of storage space.

More importantly, the Fossil Gen 5 features the Snadragon 3100 chipset, which Qualcomm announced late last year. 1GB of RAM is another key number for the watch, which should allow Android Wear to run more briskly.

“As a direct result of consumer feedback, we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer our first-ever proprietary apps that offer an extended battery life and increased iPhone compatibility,” Fossil also noted.

The watch, which goes on sale 26 August 2019, will cost $295.

Feature image: Fossil Group

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