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Sascia Reibel explores the popularity of IKEA Beijing and three iconic female coders

Every weekend, Sascia decided to visit the stores and document her observations through photography. As a result, she’s created a photo essay which captures “my very personal, Eurocentric view” within another cultural context. “To visually emphasise the effects of these overcrowded, loud and exhausting visits, I generated a custom colour profile which incorporated IKEA blue and yellow, multiplied with other colour channels to create an over-amplified colour scheme which is dreamlike and surreal.” It is, in her words, an “unusual outburst of colour” for the designer.

In other work, Sascia combines fictional and historic stories surrounding three iconic female figures who have all interpreted coding in different ways. Featuring Ingeborg Bachmann, Hedy Lamarr and the Abbess, Sascia pays tribute to the linguistic indivisibility writer, the actress who encrypted radio remote controls during The Second World War and the universal scholar respectively. Titled Ekstase 123, the publication accompanies artist Yutie Lee’s first solo show and was produced in close collaboration with the artist.

She views her practice in a permanent state of flux, which can be exhausting at times, but also “a luxury” as she doesn’t feel like she has to decidedly define herself. Though her work is recognisable in its monochromatic, type-centred rigidity, Sascia is wary of the potential dangers of getting “stuck in a certain look or impression”. As a consequence, she maintains a conscious effort to challenge herself through design while purposely seeking out projects and clients that allow her a substantial amount of creative freedom.

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