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Laura Csocsán’s typefaces are the product of rational thinking, executed with personality

INT: Do you have a favourite project from your time at Maholy-Nagy University?

LC: The project is called 46/b and it is about a house on Madách street in Budapest. Everyone had to choose a Bauhaus building within the framework of this assignment, which is built on the research about the given house. I turned this research into a publication documenting the process. It was exciting to do field trips and find information about the past of this particular house, so the project grew dear to me, despite the fact it didn’t seem particularly exciting at the beginning.

I divided the publication into four sections, the first deals with the rich history of the building – both from a humane and urbanist viewpoint. 46/a and 46/b signalled the start of the future Madách avenue, which was never built. I used texts and old photographs to present this history very factually due to its nature. The second shows the present state using photos I made with a technique and style that referenced Bauhaus photographs and, using these pictures, the third section closely and abstractly examines the materials used to make the house. This part moves away from Bauhaus, and rather shows the different layers of time that the building contains through blown-up details.

Finally, in the fourth chapter, different digital exercises are shown, based on the structures of the house. It is the most important part of the whole project as these experiments and forms provide the framework for a poster inspired by the whole process. The cover of the book is embossed with one of these complex forms. I made the decision to ignore the fact that these forms don’t represent the house visually, because that wasn’t important for me. It was more interesting to collect and generate a booklet full of different materials, like an archive, connecting to the building on a different level, instead of simply representing the house through obvious visuals.

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