Xiaomi partners CUPA to offer pet adoption in Bengaluru; details

Xiaomi partners CUPA to offer pet adoption in Bengaluru; details

Xiaomi has just teamed up with Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) Bengaluru for an interesting community initiative. According to the announcement, the smartphone maker and electronics giant and CUPA will initiate “a special pet adoption drive”. As part of the initiative, Xiaomi has also made a series of dog portfolios. Xiaomi has created all the dog portraits with the triple camera setup on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi A3.

Xiaomi CUPA partnership details for the pet adoption drive

The smartphone maker is leading the adoption drive for the 50 dogs sheltered at the CUPA NGO. Xiaomi wants to draw attention to this drive to highlight the need of supporters. CUPA also confirms that the dogs up for adoption have been rescued from the streets. The NGO rescues animals from the streets on a regular base to offer treatment for recovery. After the initial steps, the NGO focuses on rehabilitating the animals or provide them with new homes. Xiaomi also revealed that the adoption drive offers both active or passive adoption options.

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Active adoption means that you are taking the pet and post the adoption, completely responsible for the pet. Passive adoption means that you pay a monthly contribution so that CUPA takes care of the animal. CUPA will use your contribution to take care of the food and medical expenses of your adopted pet. The interesting part about this is that passive adopters can visit the location any time to spend time with their adopted pets when they are free.

Xiaomi has created some impressive images of the pets up for adoption with the help of Mi A3. The company will share these images on its social media channels. Xiaomi will also share these images with CUPA, pet adoption groups and influencers across social media. You can fill an application if you are interested in adopting any of these pets. You can also visit the dedicated mini-website to see all the handsome pets.

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