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Flipkart Videos and Instagram-like ‘Flipkart Ideas’ launched

Flipkart Videos and Instagram-like ‘Flipkart Ideas’ launched

E-commerce giant has finally launched its much anticipated ‘Videos’ section and photo-feed on its Android app. Flipkart users can access the Flipkart Videos and Flipkart Ideas sections from the hamburger menu. One can access the hamburger menu by sliding from the left side of the screen. Talking about the newly introduced sections, Flipkart Videos is similar to the video streaming services out there. Moving to the second section, Flipkart Ideas is an Instagram-like image feed where users can follow influencers or brands for suggestions. This section will help users in discovering new products and likely behave as a hybrid of Instagram and Pinterest.

Flipkart Videos details

A report by Inc42 confirmed that both these sections are now available for Flipkart users on Android. Flipkart is likely to take on the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and other video streaming apps with its Videos section. This section will provide a curated range of movies and TV shows section to all Flipkart users. As noted by the report, Flipkart issued a statement regarding its Videos section. The statement added, “Our video content offering is focused on three primary aspects, keeping in mind our understanding of the market: free, curated and personalized.”

Flipart Videos and Ideas launch (2)

It went on to state, “We believe that our customers shouldn’t pay extra for premium content and hence our offering is different from anything else that is currently available.” BGR India spotted that users need to log in to their Flipkart account to get access to Flipkart Videos and Flipkart Ideas sections. The report stated that Flipkart has teamed up with TVF, Dice Media, Viu, and Voot for an initial lot of content.

In the beginning, Flipkart asks users to select five options from a list of movies and TV shows available. The app will then use this selection and your watch history to generate recommendations. Flipkart is also likely to gradually grow the collection of content available online. The company currently offers content spread across romance, action, adventure, drama, mystery, and comedy genres. This section currently offers content in Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada. The report also noted that the section does not offer any Hollywood content at the time of writing.

Flipkart Ideas details

Flipkart Ideas is an Instagram-like section launched to help users in product discovery. Similar to Flipkart Videos, Ideas section also asks users to select any three areas of interest from a grid of different interests. The platform will then use this selection to curate a photo feed to the user. Users can browse through, comment, like or share the images that they see on their feed. Flipkart users can also follow influencers for their recommendations. The company is likely to take on Instagram shopping feature that is currently not available in India.

Senior Vice President for Marketplace at Flipkart, Anil Goteti issued a statement. Goteti stated, “Flipkart Ideas improves users’ lifestyle with credible, inspiring and useful content, which will educate and inspire them in the purchase journey. There are new set of consumers, the next 200 million shoppers, who have a variety of questions and seek to mimic their offline shopping experience, online.” He went on to add, “Flipkart Ideas is our effort to aid these consumers’ shopping journey; and we want to play our part in creating meaningful engagement while helping build familiarity with various brands and products.”

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