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Utopia and dystopia collide in Bysanz Baisen Zhou’s other-worldly creations

Simultaneously alluring and grotesque, Bysanz Baisen Zhou’s work sits somewhere between utopia and dystopia. Dense textures and acidic hues coalesce in mesmerising eco-futuristic scenes which demonstrate the young creator’s impressively versatile talent for fashion design, art direction and digital artwork.

It’s a truly multi-disciplinary practice and one borne in part of Bysanz’s fascination with deconstructed club music – both as a creator and a consumer. “The deconstructed club music scene is the main reason I work in the way I do,” he tells It’s Nice That. “It joins so many different elements together: graphic design and CGI (for artwork and covers), fashion design (in music videos), and, most importantly, music and underground club culture. For me, fashion was the best way to mix up all of these experiences together into my own creation.”

The most distinctive aspect of Bysanz’s work is perhaps its use of texture. “Texture is my main focus on every project,” he explains. “Whether that’s the texture of the textiles, the texture of the sounds, the texture of the garments or the texture of the objects in the CGI.” Infinitely detailed and hugely varied, these surfaces form the bedrock of Bysanz’s work, giving both his physical creations and the virtual environments in which they reside their decidedly alien feel.

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