Design studio de_form on its exhibition identity for Erik Kessels’ latest show

The show is currently exhibiting at Mai Manó House, a regular collaborator of the studio’s. On the starting point for the identity, Nora says: “[Erik] creates his own stories with many found or self-made images.” And as a result of this process, the creative director of KesselsKramer presents unique storylines throughout his work. The challenge for de_form lay in finding a graphic solution that would respectfully emphasise the narrative within each image while showcasing a spectacular graphic identity at the same time.

“We thought a lot about how to improve the design by placing something next to these characteristic images,” says Eniko. “In the end, we created an ‘Erik Kessels brush’ that can actually draw pictures.” It refers back to one of Erik’s signature acts which sees him displaying exhibited works through a filter of his own making. Nora and Eniko’s “brush” ties into this process, creating a graphic filter through which the exhibition can be seen.

Conceptually-driven, for the founding designers of de_form, it is imperative to build a strong and clever idea that can drive the corresponding visuals forward. It’s also the most exciting part of the process for Nora and Eniko. “We have long brainstorming sessions and it’s always a great feeling to know that we have found an idea that we are 100 per cent satisfied with,” Nora goes on to say. Visuality is, therefore, always the second step of the process for the design team and, hoping to maintain these values within their small studio for the foreseeable future, de_form continues to grow from strength to strength.

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