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Over the past decade or so Google has been naming its incremental Android versions as desserts and in alphabetical order. The last Android version Android 9.0 was named Pie and it now appears that this is the last time Google has named its Android version after a food item. The company has announced that as of Android Q, the names of incremental Android updates will no longer be named after desserts. As a matter of fact, they will not be named at all. Android Q will be called Android 10.

Android Q gets branded as Android 10 because dessert names can confuse users

Android 10.

Google explained in its blog that Android’s dessert names were not being properly understood by the global community. Google gave examples of the letters L and R which were not distinguishable when spoken in some languages.

What this means is that when someone heard the Android Lollipop it was not always clear in these dialects that it was the Android version after Kitkat. Google also mentions that Pies are not popular in many parts of the world and neither are marshmallows. Numbers, on the other hand, are universal and are recognised in every part of the world.

New Android logo.

New Android logo.

The company mentions that there were several dessert options considered for naming Android Q but at version 10 it was time to make a change.

Google is also changing the look of the Android logo after it was refreshed last in 2014. The new logo has the Android bot in it along with a new font and new black colour instead of the original green. Google will start using the updated logo in the coming weeks with the final release of Android 10.

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