New features coming to Google Assistant on Lenovo Smart Clock

Google on Thursday announced new updates coming to the Google Assistant on Lenovo Smart Clocks, including a feature that will turn the clock’s screen into a live photo album.

“When you’re not using your Lenovo Smart Clock, the screen can now turn into a digital photo album, displaying pictures from your Google Photos account or featured photos provided by Google,” the company said on its blog.

The smart device will also feature “Continued Conversation” that allows you to have an extended conversation with the Assistant beyond trigger words like “Hey Google”.

The clock is also compatible with cameras featuring the Assistant, so users can use the clock as a security system.

These new updates are set to roll out automatically over the course of the week.

Currently, the Lenovo Smart Clock is available in parts of Europe, North America, and Australia, but Google plans to launch the device in more countries soon.

Feature image: screenshot, Google

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