Is Samsung’s 45W Note 10+ charger not worth $49.99?

We have written earlier about the impressive performance of the bundled 25w fast charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+, which can fully recharge a flat phone in about an hour.

Samsung is also offering the option of ordering a 45w charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which we expected to do even better.

We may be mistaken about that, however, as a recent test suggests the 45w charger is not meaningfully faster than the 25w charger.

DroidSans tested Galaxy Note 10 with a 25W charger, the Galaxy Note 10+ with a 25W charger, and a second Galaxy Note 10+ with a 45W charger, all charging from flat, against each other.

In the test, the Note 10+ charged to 67% with the 25w charger after 30 min, while the 45w charger managed a slightly higher 73%.

When the 45w charger reached 100% the 25w charger was also very close at 96%. In the end, the Note 10+ with the 25w charger was only 10 minutes slower to 100% than the 45w charger.

Given that the 25w charger is included in the box, it seems pretty difficult to justify the expense of the optional 45w accessory.

See the video below.

Via BGR, SamMobile

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