The nocturnal design conference with a twist, this year’s Us By Night boasts a stellar line up

He thought to himself: “What if we posed a design conference in a nightlife format?” Drawing inspiration from the vibrant hubbub that is the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg, he envisioned a design festival that encapsulated a zesty social experience as well as riveting talks from the best in the industry. As a result, in 2016, he founded and curated the first Us By Night. Falling somewhere in between a club, bar and conference, the ultimate goal was to connect people.

“It was never really the plan to make it an ongoing thing, but the response was so great and seeing the joy and the sparkles in the attendees’ eyes made me remember how these of festivals changed my career,” says Rizon. As a young emerging designer, whenever Rizon would go to a conference, he remembered thinking, “Woah, this world is so much richer than I originally thought” and seeing this kind of realisation in the younger generations at Us By Night is, in turn, “really motivating” to the founder.

As the festival has grown over the years (in all directions), this year’s line up marks the most diverse to date. As well as illustration, design and typography, the festival will also play host to speakers leading the fields of film, photography and fashion. “I don’t think inspiration needs to necessarily come from your own discipline,” says Rizon. “I like it when people leave the festival with a different highlight from the one they thought they were coming for.” And with speakers such as Lukas Kaisar – the man behind the Smith family’s social media outlets – not to mention Drieke Leenknegt, a global executive in marketing and management with 20 years of experience at Nike, the upcoming edition of Us By Night is sure to provide insight into some of the lesser-known, but most relevant roles in the creativity industry today.

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