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Rita Puig-Serra Costa and Dani Pujalte’s Good Luck with the Future is a cosmic project turned intensely personal

“We first thought it would be interesting to portray people around our age and ask them how they felt about the future,” says Rita, talking about what they initially chose to photograph. “I remember we were really obsessed about the project, talking about it 24 hours a day.” From these interviews emerged three thematic axes: linear time that moves forward, cyclical time in which things are repeated, and luck that breaks away these two moments, concepts that recur in the final form of the project.

“In the middle of the trip, while we were in Flores, we found a title: Good Luck with the Future. We thought it was perfect for the project because it combined the concepts of ‘future’ and ‘luck’,” two themes that they were specifically dealing with, Rita describes. “We also thought that Good Luck with the Future was a kind of nice farewell from the people we were meeting and interviewing,” she continues.

Their project and travels took them on a memorable adventure: shooting the reproductions of tourist attractions at Window of the World in Shenzen, taking endless notes while riding motorbikes in Flores, gatecrashing the Foxconn complex in China to take discreet portraits of the workers, and photographing the moon at an observatory in Barcelona, the image that closes the project. Somehow, the intriguing photographs we are presented with in Good Luck with the Future feels a sliver of what Dani and Rita saw during their trip. It seems like there are unspoken secrets between these images, many untold experiences perhaps, but only because there is too much to tell.

But with so many things to see and people to meet, they found that they had to return to their inner selves ­– the self that they wanted to examine through this project. “We were focusing on the outside, and not really in our interior,” says Rita. After seven years together, the couple broke up a few months after returning to Barcelona. “Without realising it, the trip has been a kind of goodbye, and Good Luck with the Future was, in fact, a farewell between the two of us.”

The two still talk and share thoughts on ideas and life in general, although they took a break from working together to focus on their individual practices. Dani is currently working on a project in Dakar while Rita is focusing on an introspective family project. Dani concludes: “I never felt like we stopped working together cause even if the project is from one of us, we are both really engaged in each other’s projects.”

After reflecting on their separation, they scrapped the portraits and interviews. The two continued working on the project separately, with Dani heading to Senegal, Brazil and Menorca and Rita to Greece, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Mallorca. What came out of it is a melancholic reflection of time and existence, which was also compiled into a publication. The project that started on a cosmic scale with a diagram of spacetime zooms in and in, eventually becoming an intensely personal one.

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