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You cannot install WhatsApp on Android via Play Store, at least for now

In what seems to be an odd event, WhatsApp has disappeared(sort of) from the Google Play Store. Users are now reporting that the Facebook-owned instant chat messenger app no longer appears on the Play Store search results. Therefore, users who want to join WhatsApp for the first time won’t be able to install WhatsApp via Play Store at least for now.

However, if you have previously installed the WhatsApp but installed it later for some reason, you can see the app in the ‘Previously installed app’ section in the Google Play Store. Which in turn means that WhatsApp hasn’t completely disappeared from the Google Play Store and neither did Google blacklist the app. Interestingly enough, users who are currently using WhatsApp are facing an exact similar issue — on searching the Play Store, the only app they are seeing is WhatsApp for Business.

Users across the world seem to be facing the issue, so it’s not that prevalent in any particular region.

It’s worth taking note that the issue did not hamper the functionality of the WhatsApp, meaning that those who are currently running the app are facing no issues.

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