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Camille Walala creates maze-inspired poster campaign for End Youth Homelessness

Artist and designer Camille Walala has created a new poster campaign for End Youth Homelessness, a national network of charities that work with vulnerable young people facing, or at risk of, homelessness. The campaign will be visible across 120 billboards nationwide, with both Walala and Out of Home media agency Jack donating their time and space for free.

Walala’s design features her trademark geometric style and has been inspired by mazes – a reference to the numerous dead-ends young people face when trying to find housing or hold down a steady job. The concept underpinning the campaign was developed by ad agency Truant London, and presents education as the path to navigating the way out of the maze.

Walala says: “My work has always been driven by my belief that colour and pattern can make a positive difference to people’s lives. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to put that philosophy into practice for such an important initiative as End Youth Homelessness.”

The campaign coincides with the launch of EYH’s Employability Fund, which provides support for young people aiming to go back into education or to find a job after a period of homelessness. Around 100,000 young people seek help from their local authorities every year for support dealing with issues around homelessness, with EYH supporting around 30,000.

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