Ram Han, Toiletpaper and Ryan Heffington contribute to SK-II artist campaign

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Japanese skincare brand SK-II’s latest campaign, the Power of Pitera, is vastly eclectic in terms of its creative collaborators. Spanning the illustrations of It’s Nice That favourite Ram Han and Sia’s Grammy-nominated Chandelier choreographer Ryan Heffington, via art magazine Toiletpaper, the campaign – put together by agency Great Guns – could never be accused of single-mindedness.

The expansive project was overseen by Opening Ceremony co-founder Carol Lim as creative director while Great Guns handled production, with the entire process taking 18 months, from gathering artists to the final exhibition, open now in Shanghai.

Seoul-based Ram Han’s dreamy animated illustrations are titled Pitera is Legendary and explores this notion with otherworldly imagery in her vivid signature colour palette. She says in a behind-the-scenes film that the illustrations tell a story of the discovery of Pitera, an ingredient of SK-II’s range, its “invisible energy” and how it’s being used in the modern day.

Toiletpaper’s typically hyper-stylised artworks depicts the ingredient as “a miraculous drop” – showing models interacting with oversized droplets, in a room lit by hand-blown glass drops.

Heffington’s contribution transforms the “pat-pat” motion of applying products to your skin into a dance routine, shown in a film shot in LA and displayed on three giant interacting screens. He said of the project that the brand was “taking a chance on art”.

Other collaborators on the project include photographer Zhong Lin and illustrator Rosanna Webster, plus Kang Hee Kim, Remo Camerota, Chocomoo, DFT, Jonty Hurwitz and Mitch Payne.

The brand has a history of unusual collaborators, its film Oh Pitera starring none other than John Legend, James Corden and Naomi Watanabe.

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