The Samsung W20 5G is its new foldable smartphone for China

In the run up to the Galaxy Fold’s launch, Samsung couldn’t stop talking about it. But it’s second foldable phone, the Samsung W20 5G, received a more modest debut.

Announced this week, the phone isn’t much of a departure from the Galaxy Fold’s design or specifications.

The larger display still unfolds to 7.3-inches, while a 4.6-inch outer screen also remains.

Internally, you’ll find a Snapdragon 855+, a step up in terms of performance over the Fold, alongside 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. There’s also support for 5G networks.

Cameras at the front, rear, and inside the fold — a total of six — are also present.

Battery capacity is pegged at 4235mAh, a tad smaller than the stock Galaxy Fold.

The only other apparent major difference is the W20 5G’s white coat of pain, which is pretty dashing.

The Samsung W20 5G will be launched in China in December and should cost a lot more than the original folder.

Feature image: Samsung

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