How annoying is annoying? House House on the “big mess” behind Untitled Goose Game

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Honk honk! This is an article about geese, more specifically, a game called Untitled Goose Game. You may have come across this goose-flapping game before. Released in September this year, the stealth puzzle video game, developed by House House, has set tongues wagging for its humorous premise. Now available on Nintendo Switch and home computers, the game is set in an idyllic English village; rolling green hills, quaint cottages, flowerpots and all. The only thing spoiling this flat, digital scenery, is a rather annoying goose. Players can honk, run, flap its wings, grab objects and, all-in-all, annoy the surrounding villagers which is, of course, the aim of the game, and a lot of fun in general.

Founded by Nico Disseldorp, Stuart Gillespie-Cook, Michael McMaster and Jacob Strasser, House House is an independent video game developer based in Melbourne. The four never intended to make video games professionally, mostly coming from a fine art and film background, stumbling into the medium during a summer project when the studio’s first game Push Me Pull You was created. “We’d been hanging out a lot as friends and talking about video games,” Michael tells It’s Nice That, “so it felt like a nice way to formalise everything a little bit.”

Starting from scratch, the four friends learned the necessary skills to make a video game that summer, treating the projects as “a nice way to keep occupied” with no real expectations of what the game could be. Above all, making things together as friends has “probably been the biggest motivator for making games,” and now with two critically-acclaimed games under its belt, House House “feels very lucky” to still be working on this chance career years later.

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