Sun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799

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DTH operator Sun Direct is quite popular in the South Indian states. The operator is now offering two set-top-box options to the users. And the pricing is quite competitive with rivals Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV. You can choose between Sun Direct SD+ and Sun Direct HD+ set-top-boxes.

SD+ set-top-box price, features

The SD+ set-top-box will be available for Rs 1,799 (via TelecomTalk). With multi-audio selection and MPEG 4 technology, it features a personal video recorder (PVR) with external capacity of 32GB. It allows you to record live TV shows, movies and more. Sun Direct is also offering one-month free subscription with a new connection.

HD+ set-top-box price, features

The HD+ model, on the other hand, will be available for Rs 1,999. It comes with Digital Dolby surround sound, HEVC technology, 1080i picture resolution, and 16:9 wide aspect ratio. It also features a personal video recorder (PVR) with external capacity of 1GB. One-month complimentary subscription is also offered with this Sun Direct set-top-box.

Sun Direct does away with NCF charges

After the new DTH rules, the monthly bills have gone up, and the NCF (network capacity fee) has been the culprit. The DTH operator recently revoked the NCF charges for all the channels. This means, subscribers will get access to all free to air (FTA) channels for Rs 153 (Rs 130 fee + 18 percent GST).

While other DTH operators charge NCF of Rs 20 per 25 channels over and above the FTA channels, the operator has waved that off. If you choose 100 FTA channels, and 10 paid channels (Rs 5 each), you will end up paying Rs 203.

The breakdown is simple, Rs 153 for FTA channels, and Rs 50 for the 10 paid channels. When NCF was levied, the same would have costed you Rs 223. There are channels that are priced at Rs 2, there are ones that are priced at Rs 5, some priced at Rs 19, and so on. There are also curated packs, where Kannada DPO Pack 2, for instance, gives you 207 channels for just Rs 224 per month, plus taxes.

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