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Brody Associates returns from website hiatus with cleaner and more serendipitous online presence

Compared with its previous site, which the team describe as “an unwieldy beast,” the new BrodyAssociates.com is clean and reductive. The home page celebrates two projects at a time via the full-bleed background image and its overlaid typeface – both of which change on every new visit to the page. The typeface is shown in a paragraph of text about the studio, set in one of Brody’s typefaces on rotation: TCCC Unity for The Coca-Cola Company, C4 Horseferry for Channel 4, Calvert Brody for the RCA (by Brody, Margaret Calvert and Henrik Kubel), or SamsungOne 700 created for Samsung.

Projects are displayed in thumbnail windows, each featuring a slideshow of images and more information at the click of a small plus icon, and the page scrolls horizontally to reveal more windows showing projects such as its type work for Mayo Clinic, workshops with the Design Museum and Nike, and print work for Tate Modern and Vandals magazine. The designers’ reference to social media is subtly present, and its aim to pare back UX is fully realised. The hope is to increase engagement with “interesting interactions and movements,” they explain, and easier use cross platform, with a mobile experience just as smooth as desktop. More importantly, the homepage shuffle of type and imagery is intended to channel the studio’s creative ethos.

“Experimentation has always been a core part of our approach to design, framing it within systems,” the team state. “This [device] allowed us to build in a sense of unpredictability, and lend a nice essence of serendipity and surprise to the digital realm.”

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