Call of Duty Mobile Black Friday deals revealed; discount details

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Activision and TiMi Studios has finally revealed all the Black Friday Deals for its Call of Duty Mobile game. The information about all these deals comes just a day after the game developer posted a teaser. These deals are set to end on December 5, 2019. This gives interested players a week to think and inspect to pull the trigger on the purchase. As mentioned in a past report, these deals are offering up to 90 percent off on in-game items. We went through all the deals to give you a comprehensive overview of the available deals.

Call of Duty Mobile Black Friday deals; details

You can access all the details in the “Store” section on the home page of the game. Now, let’s have a quick look at the multiple deals available in the store. It is worth noting that some of the crates as part of Black Friday are likely to expire sooner than December 5. The first deal available is the AK117 Black Friday Crate. The single crate is available for 10 COD Points while 10 crates are available for 90 COD Points. This pricing is after a 50 percent discount. Buyers will get the chance to get an AK117 – Headless Rider Assault Rifle.

Second Black Friday deal is available on the Battery – Torque Black Friday Crate. Similar to the first one, Call of Duty Mobile developers are offering a flat 50 percent discount. A single crate is available for 15 COD Points, and 10 crates are available for 135 COD Points. Here, gamers will get the chance to get the skin of Erin Baker in the Torque uniform. The character made its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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The third deal, the Royal Crimson Black Friday Crate comes with a number of weapons. Users will get the chance to get the LK24 Royal Crimson with one crate for 15 COD Points, and 10 for 125 COD Points. The rest of the two deals are available on Battle Royale outfit accessories, specialist skill skins, lethal, and tactical grenades.

Taking a closer look the fourth deal is the Black Friday Battle Royale Bundle, and Black Friday Grenade Bundle. Both these bundles are available with a 90 percent discount. The Battle Royale Bundle is priced at 150 COD Points instead of 1,568. The fifth deal, the Black Friday Grenade Bundle is priced at 50 COD Points or CP instead of 520 CP.

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