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Graphic designer David Wise returns with a new creative studio, Forthcoming

As a consequence of this dramatic shift, David’s process evolved positively. “I have inevitably grown because of this,” he adds, “but my ongoing interest in antagonising process and material within my practice and methodology has not.” In this sense, David’s work is as textured and pastiched as before; interested in the the ways that materials, in particular, and techniques have a “malleability of language”. In turn, he strives to push the boundaries of what can be achieved through a brief, evident through the printed publication projects he’s been involved in over the last two years.

This includes a collaboration with Cheryl Donegan, with whom he’d supplied the exhibition catalogue Grlz + Veils to accompany to her solo exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum. The first book he worked on at the museum, he made sure to take into account the “varying bodies of work” completed throughout her career, which includes video, painting and fashion. “The notion of articulation was a theme throughout the process – how can each part of the book, down to the often overlooked aspects such as the binder’s thread and headbands, be manipulated to convey or point back to Cheryl’s work?” Posing this question, the resulting form is equally as diverse as the content. Each media was conveyed through the use of an overly glossy and thin stock for the video sections, to a coated and textured stock for the fashion magazine covers, plus a cover alluding directly back to the artist’s work.

David’s chosen commissions are purely representative of his past studies in art, particularly apparent through the work taken on through his studio, Forthcoming. The client list includes the likes of artists Nate Lowman, Gabriel Rico, Rashid Johnson and Seth Price, plus architects, designers, and the exhibition and research centre CCS Bard to name a few. “Having the opportunity to intensely focus on book design and publishing at scale has allowed me to push and gain a better understanding of my own approach,” David explains, “while being in conversation with many skilled and dedicated printers and production teams within the US and abroad.” He adds: “Being able to collaborate with open-minded and willing people can not be understated!”

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