Meme supreme: Daniel Keogh’s maximalist illustrations are impossible to scroll past

For full disclosure, I first encountered Daniel’s work in the Reddit’s Dankmemes page where he posted Meme Supreme, a collection of over 200 of our favourite memes from recent years. From Elon Musk’s infamous Joe Rogan Podcast appearance, Grumpy Cat, to the staircase dance scene from the Joker, it’s hard to take your eyes away from the sheer volume of references. It’s a timely illustration as well, a perfect complement to the Meme of the Decade voting that’s going on.

“If you look a lot at the art I made this year, it’s actually not super-detailed or intricate, it’s just a complete overload of content and I think that any art that can make people stop and look for more than five seconds is valuable in the age of Instagram,” Daniel says. Each of these illustrations typically takes three days to make when he works at a consistent pace.

For Gossamer, Daniel has taken on both the literal meaning of the theme, which was ‘inside a restaurant’, and the abstract – inside the mind. “Seeing my work published and not just on a computer screen was also really refreshing and rewarding,” Daniel says. With a few album covers coming out in 2020, Daniel is still driven by this desire to create. “I really just want to keep creating art and hopefully opportunities keep coming my way!” If you’re having a slow Friday, Daniel’s jam-packed illustrations will certainly occupy your afternoon.

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