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“I’m a bit afraid of colours”: Romina Malta on her illustrative approach to design

Featuring a harmonious blend of illustration and design, Romina Malta’s portfolio is one that leans both ways for its dynamic and smart aesthetic. Embracing a strictly black and white palette, Romina came to define her style on her own. Self-taught, she never pursued a formal education in her field, rather she steered towards the art and practice of sound design straight after school. “However, I love to draw, paint and design,” she tells It’s Nice That.

Romina’s multi-disciplinary approach lends itself nicely to the types of projects she likes to take on. Namely an art director, she focuses primarily on editorial and sound design, as well as taking on commissions for various clients, studios, artists, galleries and record labels. It all typically begins in her studio, as it does for many freelancers, which is where she spends her day working, resting and, of course, walking her chihuahua, Aldo. Then she’ll rest and get straight back to work again. “The beauty of freelancing,” she says, drawn in by its flexibility and quiet. “I like to maintain my privacy and stay at home.”

When putting ideas to paper, the Argentinian designer turns towards the usual tools – be it pencils, paints, notebooks, an iPad, Illustrator, as well as a printer and scanner. “I don’t have a specific technique,” she says, and instead adheres to a more spontaneous bout of creativity that arises as and when it chooses. “Sometimes, I can’t do anything at all, so I find myself feeling bad until I feel good.” A common trait found among the creative lifestyle for its fluctuating appearance of ideas, where some days work is generated rapidly and others it’s nowhere to be seen. “Productivity and creativity has no agenda,” she adds.

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