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Celebrating 100 issues of the It’s Nice That Weekly Comic

Back in 2017, the team here at It’s Nice That came up with a very simple, quite wonderful idea. We wanted to create a comic on Instagram and hand it over every week to one of our favourite artists or illustrators to take the reins.

Two years later, we now celebrate our 100th issue of the Weekly Comic in all its glory. From 26 illustrators, we’ve seen poignant tales of mental health, tear-jerking reflections on the future of feminism, painfully relatable stories about the creative process, and, well, just some real funny interpretations of life, love and unexpected topics.

We love the Weekly Comic, and we’re pretty sure you like it, too (610,000 Insta likes between them says it all). So, in an ode to these panelled creations, we’ve brought together just a few of our favourite Weekly Comic moments from the past two years. We’d like to do a very special shout-out to each and every illustrator, artist and designer who has contributed to the Weekly Comic – this list was a very tricky edit. You can find all 100 issues over on our Instagram channel, and enjoy many more in the year ahead.

Weekly Comic #001 by Nadine Redlich

For It’s Nice That’s very first Weekly Comic, Nadine Redlich showed us that, whilst you can’t draw blood from a stone, you can draw one heck of a cranky attitude. Remember though, never judge a rock by its geologic formation.

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