How to take home PUBG Trophy

PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG has just announced the final week of PUBG Awards 2019. As part of the Awards, the game developer has asked players to submit their gameplay clips. Players can submit their best or funniest gameplay clips to get a chance to win prizes. These prizes include both in-game and real-life prizes. The company shared additional details about the awards in a dedicated post on its website. PUBG Corp also shared some examples of the clips that players can submit in the competition. It is worth noting that the company is conducting these awards for the first time.

PUBG Awards 2019 details

As part of the announcement, the company also shared a 51-second long teaser about the awards. Taking a closer look, the company has split the Awards over a course of four weeks. It is also worth noting that the awards are currently set to enter the last week. The last week of the competition will focus on “Scope Showdowns”. Here, the game developer is asking for best or funny clips with Win94. For people unaware of the exact name, Win94 refers to Winchester 94, a medium-range Sniper Rifle with Lever action.

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To take part in the competition, players need to make a 30-second long clip of their best or funniest moment. They need to post the video on a public video hosting platform like YouTube. Players need to take the link of the video and post it in a reply to the original Challenge post on Twitter. Alternatively, they can also tweet the link to @PUBG. They need to add “#PUBGAwards2019” and “#contest” hashtags.

In addition, players also need to add a hashtag of the week. The upcoming week will use the #ScopeShowdown as the hashtag. They need to do this before December 21, 2019, 9AM PST. To clarify, the next week will start on December 18 and conclude on December 21. You can check more details in the original post. Each week, the company will select “over 50 winners”. PUBG Corp has also added details about the prizes as part of the post.

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