Teams vs Slack Adoption – Teams twice as popular says Survey

Despite collaboration tool Slack’s protestations, it seems Microsoft Teams is indeed much more popular than Slack in the Enterprise setting.

Microsoft has earlier claimed 20 million Daily Active Users vs Slack’s 12 million, and now CNBC’s Q4 Technology Executive Council Survey of Microsoft Teams vs Slack Adoption confirmed that 58% of their respondents used Microsoft Teams vs 30% using Slack.

The survey was  conducted between Dec. 2–11, 2019 and included a limited sampling of 51 of the 157 members of the council, who serve in senior technology positions at large companies, as well as at government and nonprofit organizations.

Slack had earlier insisted that companies were still choosing Slack over Teams as it was the better product.

“In general we continue to see tremendous adoption across customers of the Office suite,” said Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. “They choose Slack despite having a bundle alternative” that wraps in Teams, he said.

The app however appears increasingly threatened and has hit out at Microsoft on a number of occasions, including threatening to make an antitrust complaint. The company’s share price dropped 8.4% on Nov. 19, after Microsoft said Teams had more than 20 million daily active users, much more than the 12 million users Slack reported in October.

Around 10% of the companies in CBNC’s survey said they felt pressured to adopt Microsoft Teams and drop Slack, but 90% denied any undue pressure.

Microsoft’s PR company said pressuring companies was  “against Microsoft’s business practices,” and attributed their success to user choice.

“We realize customers have a choice and we’re happy that they’re choosing Teams. People love Teams because they can do more in a single app,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president, Microsoft 365.


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