Review of the Year 2019: Top 25 Graphic Design

Always a subject which has our audience on the tips of their toes, graphic design has had a boundary-pushing 2019. Aside from the rebrands, the in-house typefaces and campaigns that have ignited heated discussions in studios around the globe, there’s been a wealth of brilliant work from independent practitioners.

With open-source tools shifting the opportunities and capabilities of designers, this year has put personality at the forefront of projects. For instance, we’ve seen this come to life through typefaces aiming to make the internet friendlier and one which communicates by replicating Greta Thunberg’s handwriting. It’s also been a time for joyful projects, such as Kate Moross channelling their younger self when working with the Spice Girls, Never Now creating a mouth-watering campaign for a sandwich shop, and genius designers such as HeeJae Kim utilising the opportunity to create personal work for fun and growth too.

We look forward to yet another year of creatives communicating thoughtfully and thoroughly with graphic design.

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