Go behind the scenes on 2019’s most magical Xmas ad

There are a lot of Christmas adverts vying for our attention right now, but the spot that caught the nation’s hearts this festive season came from Leo Burnett and Passion Animation Studios for McDonald’s. Adobe invited the brilliant creative minds behind the advert to the MAX Creativity Tour, and you can catch up with their presentation in the video below. 

‘Archie the Reindeer’ combines charming animation, slick editing and a heartwarming story – a true multidisciplinary creative masterclass. In London, Leo Burnett’s Gareth Butters joined Derek Picken and Nicklass Rissler from Passion Animation Studios on stage to offer a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse of how it all came together. That includes where the inspiration for the story first came from (after all, hamburgers aren’t exactly the most festive of foods), how the characters developed, and the creative processes that brought everything to life. 

The creators behind Archie the Reindeer sharing their insights on the MAX Creativity Tour

The creators behind Archie the Reindeer sharing their insights on the MAX Creativity Tour (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe MAX is the world’s biggest creativity conference, and it takes place annually in the US. It combines talks from the world’s top creatives as well a highly anticipated look at the new features heading to the Creative Cloud suite of apps. 

Earlier in December, the MAX Creativity Tour brought a taste of the LA conference to the UK. That means that, as well as talks from top home-grown talents, like the one featured above, the audience were treated to come jaw-dropping software demos. For a closer look at the latest additions to the industry’s favourite software, including experience design tool Adobe XD, new art app Adobe Fresco, and game-changing AR app Adobe Aero, check out the full Creativity Tour playlist.

Want to get involved online? Get in touch with ad agency @LeoBurnettLDN or @Adobeuk on Twitter using the hashtag #MAXCreativityTour to carry on the conversation. 

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