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Ten leading lights from the creative world on their “moment” of the decade

10. David McKendrick, Co-founder of B.A.M, and Pam of Pamstagram

The founding of Instagram

Earlier this year, we sat down with David McKendrick of studio B.A.M and Pam Mason, the then-manager of the Barbican’s launderette and a typographic muse for David. Starting an Instagram account, @pamstagram, to share Pam’s intricately detailed posters for customers, it gained quite a following. As Instagram has raised both the awareness of Pam’s typeface, and since then a charity collection with Supreme, David has interviewed Pam about the impact of the platform.

David: So Pam, we’re going to talk about Instagram today, and I think we should talk about Instagram as we look at it. Look, you just got another follower! Where did that come from! So you’ve got 2,110 in total. What do you think of Instagram in general, do you like it?

Pam: Yeah, it’s alright.

David: Do you like the fact that people like your pictures?

Pam: Yeah.

David: What do you think of 359 people liking that picture?

Pam: I can’t see what they like about it really.

David: Well, they like it because it’s you, it’s your typeface.

Pam: But I can’t understand why people want a pair of socks with PAM on it!

David: Because your drawings are really fantastic, and people really like your drawings and want to follow them. You’ve got a bit of a fanbase, Pam. You’re also not following anyone other than Persil, because you’re not interested in seeing what other people are up to.

Pam: No, because I don’t know how to do it and I don’t have anything like that on my phone.

David: What kind of phone have you got?

Pam: Just a normal one. I couldn’t work one of those phones even if I tried. Don’t forget I’m an old age pensioner now!

David: Well, you’re an old age pensioner but you’re on Instagram and you’ve got 2,110 followers. How many pensioners do you think have 2,110 followers! Have you been recognised yet, has anyone said, ‘Are you PAM?’

Pam: Only one person, who used to come in to the launderette. He said, ‘Are you Pam?’ So I said yes and he said you’re on the Insta, whatever you call the bloody thing.

David: Why do you think so many people are hooked on Instagram?

Pam: I haven’t got a clue.

David: Should we keep Pamstagram going now you’ve finished at the launderette?

Pam: Well, it depends what we can do, what writing I can do.

David: Maybe next year we could do another T-shirt and make some more money for charity.

Pam: Give me a ring and let me know. If you want me to write anything down I will.

David: What’s so interesting about Pamstagram is that we’ve managed to make £325 for Shelter.

Pam: That’s good.

David: Just doing your typeface on a pair of socks. It’s good. So in many ways Instagram is quite good?

Pam: If it helps people.

David: That’s you, Pam. That’s you putting your art to use! You can see why so many people like what you’re doing?

Pam: Don’t see why, it’s just writing. Writing in different ways with different colours.

David: Anything else you wanna say about Pamstagram?

Pam: No.

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