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Apple AirPods Pro has undoubtedly been one of the best true wireless Bluetooth earphones of the year. A lot of it is down to the noise cancellation and new transparency mode. However, there’s also one underrated Airpods Pro improvement, which makes it an ideal product for audiophiles.

A research, by American developer and musician Stephen Coyle, shows the latency tests of all AirPods models on sale. These include the original AirPods, AirPods second-generation, and the AirPods Pro. As Coyle details in his post, latency is not a problem when we are viewing a video or any other content on our smartphone. This is because videos are prepared to be slightly delayed, to adjust its audio level to the headphones. The problem comes when we are producing unpredictable sounds such as voices we initiate or impressions from games. In this aspect, the AirPods Pro has improved quite well according to these tests.

AirPods Pro latency test

This musician measured latency with two different audio programs to see the audio delay. In one of these programs, the sound of the iOS keyboard is collected, which is where we can find the latency to be unpredictable. The other program is dedicated to measuring his own Tapt game. There are differences in the audio tracks collected from both programs. This it the case since in the game, he can record a continuous audio session, but not on a keyboard.

According to the tests, the first-generation AirPods had a latency of 274 ms and the second generation AirPods managed to reach 178 ms. While the AirPods Pro as per the tests managed to lower this number to only 144 ms latency.

The Apple Airpods Pro latency is also on par with the likes of Beats Studio 3 or the Sony WH-CH700N headphones. All the AirPods model use the same H1 chip for connectivity. This means Apple has found new ways to improve latency with the same chip, 9to5Mac reports.

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