Google adds Sharing hub in Chrome Canary

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Google has added a new Sharing hub in Chrome Canary for Android. The Sharing hub contains three options — “Send to your Devices,” “QR Code,” “Copy link,” and “More”. Currently, these options are available on the share sheet in Chrome stable.

In order to be able to see the Share hub, you’ll have to enable a flag called Chrome Sharing Hub.

Here is how to Enable Sharing hub for Chrome on Android

  1. Ensure you’re using Chrome Canary 81.0.4005.0 or higher
  2. Visit chrome://flags page
  3. Search for hub, for “Chrome Sharing Hub” flag, select “enabled” and relaunch the browser
    Chrome Sharing hub flag

Those who’re not aware, you’ll be able to use your Android smartphone as a means to send texts or webpages to devices that are linked to your Google account by tapping on the “Send to your Devices” option. And as you know already, the “Copy link” option will copy a link, which you’ll be able to paste or send to your PC.

Sharing Hub or custom share sheet Chrome Canary

Those who don’t like the share UI and using Chrome Canary can try the Share hub right now by following the above steps.

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