PUBG Mobile Season 11: PUBG Mobile first official Season 11 poster drops

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The upcoming PUBG Mobile update 0.16.5 will apparently be bringing a new season 11 we have been waiting for intently. According to a new leaks video made by Mr Ghost Gaming, the new update will bring the Season 11 of the game and is set to drop soon. The current season 10 is apparently set to come to an end this week with the new update with the new season is set to drop next week on January 7 with the new content. The new content for next week includes new skins and cosmetics along with some changes to the menus and winter specials. Season 11 will probably follow Season 10 immediately on January 8 as is tradition.

And now we have our first official look of Season 11, albeit it’s just a teaser image. The image shows a robotic hand hanging out of a Mirado window about to get on a bridge. The words Season 11 have a Tron like effect in the background. This confirms that the next Season will probably be themed after robots. This was posted from the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page with the caption “Something’s cooking.”

The previous leak videos have showcased the Ace tier rewards which include a new parachute, and a new diamond reward which is a skin for a the MK-14. The Gold tier outfit rewards have been showcased as well. The AKM gets a Glacier Lab skin which makes the whole gun look like it’s made from ice. The video showcases the new lobby of the game which has got a winter makeover. There’s a new Angry Bird finish, and new skins for vehicles as well, and new winter themed clothing.

There’s a new AWM skin incoming, along with other outfits. The loadout system for the TDM mode has also been changed which will now allow players to predetermine their loadout. And one great addition to this update. Which is players will now be able to download the files for the different modes. This means that if they don’t want to play a particular mode they need not download it.

This will be of particular use for those that have little memory space and data as well. This ought to make the game lighter with less resources to parse. As for the map changes for winter, Georgopol now apparently has a small island south of it that has winter theme. You can check out the leak video here.

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