What to expect from the next year in… Photography

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Pelle Cass

How would you like photographers to use the medium in 2020?

I would like to see more protest photos, not in the sense of photos of protests, but in the sense of Specifically Stop All the Horrible Right Wing Crap That’s Happening in the World Right Now. I’m not good at predictions, but I hope photography gets more stylish, more idiosyncratic, harder to figure out and more rewarding when you do. I hope new galleries start opening and old galleries reopen. I hope more people buy art and that people begin to talk more about art than politics. In turn, I hope this will force politicians to talk about art.

How do you envisage creatives will continue to work with photo-montaging techniques?

I hope Photoshop is used for good – making messes that are somehow rooted in reality or true feeling, rather than for evil – perfecting images of attractive people and places. Photo compositing should make things more real, not less!

You shot your first fashion editorial back in September. Do you see yourself doing more of this kind of thing?

Yes. In fact, I’ve already done another commission of divers for a sports/art magazine called Victory Journal partnered with a fashion retailer called Ssense. I like doing these things because the editors just ask me to do what I do without much direction except “make sure we can see that shoe or that bathing suit some of the time” and “go to Paris to do it”. The Paris part is not so easy since I’m a nervous traveller. But I like getting out of the house and away from Photoshop for a bit. I also like fashion because it’s very close to the art world, which is where I’m most comfortable.

What else would you like to personally achieve within your medium in 2020?

Somehow in the past year, I’ve published in a lot of print and online magazines and travelled to do a bunch of commissions. I’ve shown some, but what I’d really like is to exhibit more. I’d like to make more big prints and travel to friendly cities to show them!

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