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Zini Mobiles, a UK-based smartphone maker has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for the smallest 3G smartphone in the world. The company shared details about the device on the campaign page including features, design, and pricing. Zini Mobiles claims that the Zanco tiny t2 will be able to perform all the functions of a smartphone. It is hoping that tiny t2 will be able to replace heavy and large smartphones with a smaller smartphone. As per the campaign, the device will start shipping in April 2020.

Zanco tiny t2 specifications and pricing on Kickstarter

According to the details on the Kickstarter campaign, the tiny smartphone is able to perform multiple functions. The smartphone comes with a camera, video recording, MP3 and MP4 playback, games, Calendar, and FM Radio. Beyond this, users are able to make calls or send text messages. One can also manage their Calendar, or Alarm clock on the phone. The company has also added a microSD card slot with support for up to 32GB cards. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and SOS message functionality. The company clarified that it will offer free shipping to USA, UK, India, China, Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands. This free shipping offer will only be available on Super Early Bird and Single Pack rewards.

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Interested buyers can get the Zanco tiny t2 for just $59 as part of the Super Early Bird reward. By the time we spotted the campaign, all Super Early Bird rewards were gone. Moving forward, buyers can get the phone for $69 as part of the Early Bird reward. The Kickstarter Special pack will set interested buyers $79. The entire smartphone is just about 31 grams in weight.

The company also noted that the smartphone will offer up to 7 days of standby time. It will also come with a number of built-in apps including Calculator, Filer Manager, Task Manager, and Notepad. Buyers can also store their favorite songs on the smartphone and play them later.

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