Microsoft envisions a new emulation technology for dual screen devices in latest patent

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Microsoft’s upcoming foldable devices running Windows 10X will rely heavily on emulation technology to run apps. And to make sure apps work smoothly on Windows 10X-powered dual-screen devices, Microsoft will have to have a robust emulation technology in place. And it appears that the company has been working towards making it for quite some time now.

Microsoft filed a new patent, wherein it discussed its emulation technology. Titled ‘EMULATED MULTI-SCREEN DISPLAY DEVICE’, the patent was filed by Microsoft back in 2018 and published by USPTO last month.

Surface Neo patent

Windows apps that are not well-optimized for dual-screen devices won’t justify the form factor. In other words, the apps that are not well-optimized might not work as good as the ones that are well-optimized for foldable devices.

This is where Microsoft’s patented emulator programs will help. It can render a three-dimensional graphical representation of a dual-screen device including the first and second screen or even third screen, thereby allowing developers to make well-optimized Windows apps for foldable devices.

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Microsoft’s patent also hinted at devices with ‘structural support’ for senors such as accelerometers. Apart from sensors, it features forward-facing cameras and RGB cameras.

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