News Wrap: Poco is independent, Huawei P40 Pro leaks

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It may be Friday but that does mean a barrage of tech news to follow. The most important being a WSJ exclusive that Facebook has put plans for WhatsApp ads on hold. Fitbit has enabled blood oxygen tracking on select wearables. Reliance Jio has become the largest telecom operator in the country with 370 million subscribers. From analysis of Apple’s upcoming chipset to Huawei P40 Pro leaks, here are all the major news.

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News: Xiaomi spins Poco into an independent brand

Still holding on for the launch of Poco F2, you might not have to wait for that long. The Chinese smartphone maker has announced that it is spinning Poco into an independent brand. Xiaomi decided to spin off Redmi into an independent brand in China last year. Now, the company is following the same approach for Poco in India. This means only one thing: launch of new devices at a more competitive price than before.

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News: Reliance Jio becomes largest telecom operator

Reliance Jio has become the largest telecom operator in the country. During its quarterly financial results announcement, Reliance Jio announced that it now has 370 million subscribers. This strengthens Jio’s position in the market despite increase in tariffs. The company also announced that it has maintained average revenue per user at Rs 128 despite challenges.

Facebook puts plans for WhatsApp ads on hold

Breathe easy. Facebook has reportedly decided to put its plans to bring ads to WhatsApp on hold. It might, however, bring ads to the Status feature of the messaging platform. WhatsApp co-founders reportedly exited the company over difference in opinion on bringing ads to the service. Facebook sees WhatsApp as a major monetization opportunity and it is not clear how it will implement this plan.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 rolling out

The season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile is now rolling out. This new update brings a number of changes to the game along with new maps, modes, improvements, and more.In addition to the details change-log, the company has also released the update online. This means that users can download the 800MB file from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Fortnite Iris x Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung and Fortnite will continue their partnership into 2020 with the Galaxy S20. According to a report, Samsung Galaxy S20 users will be getting a new Fortnite Iris skin with the new device. The look of the skin has already leaked and it resembles the K-POP skin from last year that later became the iKONIK skin.

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